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Date: Nov 10 2016 11:16AM
"Thank you for your good business"
Date: Oct 27 2016 10:47AM
"Thank you very much. I will put my order in today. I''''m also.."
---- Jaymes
Date: Oct 27 2016 10:46AM
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"Thx a million you guys are awesome. Great customer service"
Date: Oct 17 2016 4:07PM
"Thank You
I appreciate you working with me to get the issu.."
Date: Oct 17 2016 4:06PM

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"I have tried to order a Chad Kelly jersey for my son for chris.."
----Rachael Siegler
Date: Dec 8 2016 8:36AM
Date: Dec 7 2016 9:25PM
"wanted to know if my order was placed. I cant see a tracking n.."
Date: Dec 7 2016 12:28PM
"I used the guest purchase, how do I track my purchase as a gue.."
Date: Dec 7 2016 9:46AM
"The jerseys I want to order are in mediums can you make them i.."
Date: Dec 7 2016 7:02AM
"I tried to place an order (order # GA6321). Your site gave me.."
Date: Dec 5 2016 8:32AM
"hi, i just want to be sure you have item in stock before i ord.."
----tim tracey
Date: Dec 4 2016 2:43PM
"I am trying to place an order but my card is being refused. I .."
Date: Dec 2 2016 12:54AM
"just wanted to know if my order #GA6007 has shipped yet.... th.."
----Matthew Wolfe
Date: Nov 30 2016 8:58AM
"whats the wait time for standard shipping, EMS ? how many busi.."
Date: Nov 23 2016 8:23AM

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